100 thieves

Role: League of Legends Data Analyst

Manager: Strategic Coordinator & Head Analyst

This is a full-time remote position.

Qualifications and Experience:

  • Minimum BA or BS Equivalent in Data Science, Computer Science, Statistics, or related fields of study.

  • Proficiency in word, excel, and google + cloud applications.

  • Must be able to generate macros and write advanced scripts in Excel.

  • Must be able to extract, compile, and integrate around Riot API.

  • Scheduling is flexible but has strict deadlines.

  • Communication skills - explain metric models in layman terms. In addition, will need to communicate time required to finish certain projects.

  • Proficiency in English


  • Tracking in-game and post game statistics

  • Utilize and integrate project management software to coordinate access for staff members across our League of Legends program

  • Facilitate data and file management for all League of Legends projects

  • Assist in converting data into a format that’s digestible by players and staff members.

  • Quantitative analysis (Only introductory game knowledge is necessary)

    • We will have our coaching staff re-compile information, conduct eye-tests on said reports, and then have the data distributed to our players.

  • Compile data from solo queue and replay files from the League of Legends client.

  • Ability to create simulators for items and equivalent.

  • Ability to create statistical models and algorithms that can analyze trends on certain teams and or across certain regions

Additional Information:

  • There will primarily be two types of timeline requests with this position:

    • 1. Systematic week to week assignments and projects which need to be ready by the deadlines assigned by our strategic coordinator.

    • 2. There will be new projects introduced throughout the split for the following: Meta changes, Patch changes, Additional playoff preparation, etc. which have much more flexible deadlines.

  • 4 Types of Analysis/Reports:

    • 1. Internal analysis - Insight on numerical areas of strength and weaknesses of our own League of Legends teams

    • 2. External analysis - Insight on numerical areas of strengths and weaknesses of other LCS teams in the NALCS. In addition, how our players and team style might match up relative to that of other teams.

    • 3. Optimization analysis

      • Patch and meta changes

      • Champions: How have the changes affected win rates and playrate of said champion and other champions in that same role.

      • Items/Runes: How have the changes affected itemization/rune paths and their cost efficiency?

  • 4. Scouting -

      • How do certain champion play-rates and priorities differ from other regions of competitive play?

Why 100 Thieves:

  • You will be one of the founding members of our analyst department for our League of Legends program.

  • You will have the ability to take on significant responsibilities and potentially advance further into our League of Legends program or across all 100 Thieves esports.

  • You will have the ability to work with a dedicated staff group who have backgrounds in entry-level data work who have had both regional and international competitive experience.

  • You will have exclusive access to our apparel on every drop.

How to Apply:

  • Email us at joseph@100thieves.com with the subject line:
    [LOL - Data Analyst] “Your Full Name”

  • Include the following:

    • Resume

    • Cover Letter

      • Discuss your previous work experience

      • Discuss how your analytical work will assist in the success of our League of Legends program

    • Samples or links to previous work

    • Tasks:

      • 1. Solo Queue Data Analysis - create a model that can identify and compile solo queue data of NALCS pros (smurfs and mains)

      • 2. Item Build Analysis - optimal item simulator that show damage output based on your own and opponent stats (items, levels, etc.)